Unboxing TEIG

In this video clip, we show you what you get when you receive the package from us, and how to mount the growth light.


Video #2: Seedling

Video #3: Nutrtion

Video #4: Harvest

Frequently Asked Questions

TEIG has a built in pump that ensures that the water circulates. This makes sure the roots gets nutrients and oxygen rich water. Stagnant water becomes very low in oxygen, and is the most common cause of hobby gardeners failing. In addition, growth light with the right light spectrum is an important factor.

To make sure you  understanding how to make the most of your TEIG, follow our  video clips that show you how to succeed. It takes approx 5 minutes to follow the training the first week. Then only 1 minute a week, this includes the time it takes to harvest. You will seedleing the first week,and start harvesting after just two weeks. After 6 week you will be fully trained to handle it on your own.

In addition to this, we will make step by step videos for the particularly interested. This content will be created at the customer's request. All questions will be answered by both Jørn and Andrè in regular video clips that are launched in our own customer portal. The most common questions will turn into new step by step videos. In other words, it is you as a customer who decides what content we create and publish.


There is no problem being absent. TEIG makes the magic happen all on its own!

Everything you need is included in the package, as nutrition and pots. All you need is some seed that you can buy from you lockal garden store or online. The nutrition that is included is specially adapted to soil free cultivation and comes with a convenient dosing spout.


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