2019: The Company was founded and the first prototype was tested

2020: Testing the final prototype.

2021: Finetuning the hardwar, start mass production, and setting up the step by step guide application.


first quarter 2022

We will deliver TEIG Growth system with all you need to grow from you own seed, inclueded the easy step by step guide during first quarter 2022

Read more about the Growth system

second quarter 2022

In the second quarter we will start producing the learning sesions for plant of the month and Publish them as soon as they are finished.

Read more about the plant of the month

Third quarter 2022

Those who are particularly interested will also have the opportunity to learn what happens in the plant in the different phases and why the different things are important. This section we are scedual to make in Third Quarter 2022

Read more about TEMA

fourth quarter


This is the moment we have been waiting for. In the fourth quarter of 2022, we expect to be ready to start global sales of TEIG. In the picture you see the two founders with one of the first prototypes of TEIG in the background.



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We are now open for pre-purchase

TEIG as been developed over years in a co operartion between "Den Lille Gartner" and "IPS" in 2019 we started the company TEIG Growth to help people grow some of there own food inside there house. Even though not everything is completely finished, we now invite the first customers to help give us feedback and influence the final result. Buy now and get your TEIG in first quarter of 2022.


50% fullført

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