What is the connection between sustainable development and food production?

Food produces about 8 tons of emissions per household, or about 17% of the total. Worldwide, new reports suggest that livestock agriculture produces around a half of all man-made emissions. Changing the foods that you eat can have a big impact on your carbon footprint.

source: https://www.greeneatz.com/foods-carbon-footprint.html

3 quick tips to how to reduce your carbon print.

reducing your carbonprint can accutaly be both fun and healty. Here is tree quick tips:

Harvest yourself

By only harvest what you need at any given time, there will be no left overs. This is a great way of reducing your carbon print and alow the same plant to grow faster and bigger.


By adding nutrition in a closed system you make sure that the plant use it all, this is also a great way to make sure your plant is healty with no giftstoffer .

Green food

Vegetable is in it self more sustainable then meat. Make sure evry meal has alotot of it. By growing your self you automatically eat more of the green stuf.

Controll nutrtion level:

By growin soilless you can have bigger controll over the nutrtion level and make sure nothing is wasted. Bla bla


Når du spiser grønnsaker etterlatter ett langt lavere karbonavtrykk enn om du spiser kjøtt. Grunnen er at du kutter flere ledd i næringskjeden. Dersom dyr først spiser grønnsakene går 90% av energien til spille. Grønnsaker er også veldig sundt.

Harvest yourself

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