Effortlessly home grown food. 

More taste, better style. 


In short:

Pre - grown herbs

Place your herbs directly into the TEIG. In less than a minute you will learn how to harvest them in a way that makes them grow even faster.

A piece of design

Teig® finds its place where you thought you didn't have room. And as it grows, your plants become like a little piece of furniture in your home..

Want to learn more?

Through short videos lasting less than a minute each, you can learn to grow from your own seeds, organic or without soil.

Pricing Options

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Grow and Eat

149,- Euro





Step by step guide

 Free shipping



Not yet avalible

Urban Farmer

199,- Euro





Step by step guide 

Free shipping

Urban farmer (1 Year)

25 % Discount on your next purcasse.



Not yet avalible

Advanced Grower

249,- Euro





Step by step guide

Free shipping

City farmer (Lifetime)

Master mind (Lifetime)

40% life time discount.

Not yet avalible

Product information:

"Grow and Eat" gives you everything  you need to start growing your own food included claypalets and nutrition. Our step by step video guides take you from a total beginner to a great urban grower in under 1 minute a week. All you need to add your self is some seed. TEIG is an open solution and you can of-course buy seed form where ever you like for a very cheep price. We do not tie you up in some expensive subscriptions. The sames goes for nutrition. With TEIG you will typical spend a few Euro a year in seeds and nutrition.

With "Urban Farmer" you get everything you get with "Grow and Eat", additional we teach you whats behind your success. This is for the special interested. With city farmer you can  follow a time lapse of the plant so you can see it grow. The training includes what happens in the plant at the various stages with expert tips for extra good results. This is especially instructive for children and grown ups that will learn more. The training sessions follow the same easy step by step plan as "Grow and Eat". 

Training sessions also included in Urban Farmer is:

  • What is a seed?
  • What is photosyntetis?
  • What is nutrtion?
  • How food is grown profesionaly
  • Diffrent kind of growing
  • What is the connection between sustainable living and food-production?

If you would like to really know how food grow. This is for you. Maybe you can teach you guest some thing new about the food you serve them next time you entertain?

1 TEIG will alow you to grow up to 3 plants at the same time, for most people this is plenty. However if you get really interested you might would like to grow more. We give all urban farmer a 25% discount on there next purchase. 



As an Advanced Grower we give you everything you get as an Urban Farmer. Additional we invite you in to our "Master mind" group. This is a group of people that help the founder and inventors of TEIG to find out how we really can take advantage of the power of TEIG. This group contribute with there best trix and resepise with herbs on our online comunity. How to cook  and preserve. Its of-course volunteer to be part of the community. You will anyway take advantage of the majore discount given to our advanced growers.

For our advanced growers we give you 40% discount on every TEIG purchased.


Early bird offer!

We are building our step by step guides and learning sessions. As we do we offer the advanced grower deal to our pre order customers. Only 129,- Euro included shipping. We start shipping within 2 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

TEIG has a built in pump that ensures that the water circulates. This makes sure the roots gets nutrients and oxygen rich water. Stagnant water becomes very low in oxygen, and is the most common cause of hobby gardeners failing. In addition, growth light with the right light spectrum is an important factor.

TEIG is intuitive and manages itself. If you are interested in better understanding how to make the most of your TEIG, follow our 1 minute video clips to show you how to succeed. It takes approx. 5 minutes to follow the training the first week. Then only 1 minute a week, this includes the time it takes to harvest.De spesielt interesserte kan følge en timelapse (hurtig avspilt film)  av planten slik at du kan se den vokse frem. Det blir gitt opplæring i hva som skjer i planten på de ulike stadiene med ekspert tips for ekstra godt resultat. Dette er spesielt lærerikt for barna. 

Teig er forøvrig Den Lille Gartners eget utviklede produkt. Dette gjør at vi kjenner alle aspekter av produktet og kan garantere at du vil oppleve suksessfull dyrking i Teig.


The special interested can get even more; follow a time lapse of the plant so you can see it grow. The training includes what happens in the plant at the various stages with expert tips for extra good results. This is especially instructive for children.

There is no problem being absent. TEIG makes the magic happen all on its own!

Everything you need is included in the package, as nutrition and pots. If you want to grow from seeds you also need this. The nutrition is specially adapted to soil free cultivation and comes with a convenient dosing spout.

Our values


For us it is important that it should be EASY to grow a little of your own food. That is why TEIG is designed to be easy – both to use and understand. You will succeed with your own cultivated food almost without doing anything.Ønsker du å lære mer om hva som ligger bak det gode resultatet og gjøre det enda bedre kan du lære mer gjennom vår nettstøtte. Nettstøtten tar deg   gjennom 1 minutts videoer fra nybegynner til ekspert.

TEIG was developed in collaboration with over 50 respondents who, over a whole year, were interviewed in depth to reveal what was needed to take them from "I want to grow some of my own food" to actually do so. The result was TEIG, a growth system that is easy to understand, takes up little space and is time efficient. The development was lead by a sustainability consultant, designer, architect, economist, app developer and teacher.

In order to continue the good development, we have created a web based community in which members exchanges good ideas and inspires each other with tips on cultivating, how to preserve, the use of what you grow in the food and other relevant topics.



TEIG wants to counteract throwaway mentality. That is why it has been very important to us to make design and quality that lasts. We will never develop a new TEIG that makes your old TEIG outdated. In the future we will make editions which are both larger and smaller a current version. A larger TEIG will fit with 2 of today's TEIGs. 2 smaller TEIGs will fit with 1 of today's TEIGs. New Teigs will be backwards compatible with new TEIGs and all contacts and sizes will fit together. Should it be necessary to change a part, then this is something you can easily do yourself, without replacing the entire system.

The name TEIG originates from farming in the fjords of Norway. These farms were small and lay in hilly and difficult terrain. “Teig” was what they called small pieces of fertile land, and the tradition was that the farms divided these “gems” fairly amongst the nearby farms. These values of sharing reflects a core value in TEIG.

In addition to make it easy for you to grow your own food, TEIG provides a fantastic sensory experience. We are also keen to share good values for future generations. TEIG wants to deliver a sense of the traditional values; to leave the farm in a better condition than when you took it over!

TEIG means: Every generation should leave the land in a better condition than when we "took over".

TEIG is developed in Norway and netherlands to make urban cultivation of herbs and vegetables available to everyone. TEIG is a simple solution, co-created and produced to last.


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